Board of Directors

Josh Lyman

My first Z Fest was 2014. I didn’t know a single person and ended up parking next to “Mad” Mike. He inspired me to start Ozarks Z Club, and you could say things went from there.

Brittany Lyman

The Secret Weapon.

Abe Alani

My first Z fest was 2010, I found out real quick that it wasn’t just about Z’s it was about family. I look forward to the family reunion every year!

Mike Brunner

This will be my 15th BZF and have not missed one.  I got hooked on BZF because of the roads, Z family and informal get togethers in the parking lots.  It’s all about the people I’ve met over the years and having BZF reunions every year.

Cade Mertens

If Pit Vipers are involved… count me in.

Matthew Knaup

What happens in Branson goes on the internet

Justin Lucas Eastman

My first Branson Z Fest was in 2019 when it combined with ZCON. Best crew I have had the chance to work with and support.

Kyle & Devan Martin

BZF has taught me that it’s the people that make the event not just the cars.

Brad Eldred

They don’t call me Burnout Brad for no reason. Skeeeert!

Event Oversight & ZCCA Mentor

Chris Karl “Zin” – ZCCA Executive Director

Special thanks for the guidance and time to help keep our community strong!